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Take it Easy

So many people ask me, "What is the easiest way for a quick design enhancement?" Beyond redesigning an interior, I always say "don't underestimate the power of greenery". Whether that is floral, solo greenery, bark elements, or all of these and more, this will quickly bring a new energy into your space. Not only attractive, it provides life/ a living thing, freshness and the opportunity for you to channel your own creative capabilities with floral. For me, this is one of the most engaging, stimulating and uplifting elements that you can access immediately.  Simply going to a local floral shop, or whenever you can get into a space where you are able to pick and choose floral, will immediately get you inspired to create. Mixing textures, colors, sizes, shapes or building with one repetitive species, Some might say well Jennifer, this is just too easy, I need something hard! Why does it have to be hard? I have no doubt that once home with your selections and after arranging to perfection, you will stop and look at it time and time again as you pass by........which makes something so easy so very worthwhile.

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