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Color Story...

The second fastest design enhancement, and a key element to any project, is surely paint. I know this is very "Design 101" but many have issues with this process. Hopefully I can lend some guidance and demystify. An affordable, fast update, paint can literally transform your environment instantly, and then it will leave you wondering why you didn't do this sooner. Color itself can be intimidating, leaving you stalled with decision...very understandable. One thing I always like to point out is that it's just paint. If you don't like it you can always change it quickly. However, to avoid that from happening, a few key things: 1) Get paint samples! Lots of companies now have larger sized samples that you can tape to your wall to really take a good look at it in your space, 2) I highly recommend looking at it in morning, afternoon and evening light, as it will morph throughout the day....this is actually a very fun process to observe, or at least I think so,

3) Another thing that you need to do is place samples on more than just one wall in a room. You will get different impressions of it at different areas in the space. Lastly, after you've narrowed it down, don't hesitate to get actual small paint samples and paint an area on your wall....this will also help you decide further. A couple of other notes before I close....Contrary to many opinions, dark colors don't make a space look smaller. What they will do is make them more dramatic! Keeping all of your walls the same tone doesn't create dimension....tone, contrast and color do. Don't be afraid to explore different sheen levels and absolutely don't forget to consider your ceiling as a design element. Painting it a different color or finish will surely create a more unique look.


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